CANDIC​E BOGARE  :  Artiste auteur  / Artist 

                    Film- Show- Art    



De l'ombre à la lumiére

2008 . 9'


2010 . 3' ART FILM


DOC 2011. 8'

SOUL DANCE: Melody of silence

2015. DRAMA 9'


2018 DOC FICTION 60 '  

Born in Paris Candice is a complete artist .

she ’s an author , director, actress , painter .

She wrote, directed theater , musicals and films. She s done Dramas, fictions documentaries.

She grew up in an artistic family .

Then she became a performer and actress and work in dance shows , musical , theater in Paris , Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Candice studied Film acting ( actor studio ) in Los angeles .

Her films, are full of colors and poetries. They are rhythm , movement, intensity .

They are powerful , psychological and orignal talking about important matters such as freedom, art, fears , love.

It will goes straight to human struggles or desires awaking action and strength.

Candice is passionate and dedicated director. She s very close to actors searching with them deep performances, feelings and truth.

She brings intense emotions, beauty and knowledge.

Real artist, Candice ‘strengths are her high creativity , her will to go deep into human reality and dreams.